Acceptance of Terms and Conditions of Use is required to access your MIHS MyChart information online.

You (“You” or “User” or “I”) are being provided access to the Maricopa Integrated Health System MyChart information system (“MIHS MyChart”) through Maricopa Integrated Health System (“MIHS” or “we”). To access MIHS MyChart, User must agree to be bound by this Terms and Conditions of Use Agreement and indicate User’s agreement by clicking the “I agree” button on the bottom of this Agreement. If you do not agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use, do not attempt to register as a User and/or use MIHS MyChart. The Terms and Conditions of Use may be changed at any time at the sole discretion of MIHS and will be posted on the MIHS MyChart website for User access.


What is MIHS MyChart Medical Records Access?

MIHS MyChart is an Internet application that allows a patient to have secure web-based access to portions of their MIHS electronic medical record. MIHS MyChart access is an additional service provided to patients by MIHS. MIHS provides no guarantees that access to MIHS MyChart will continue indefinitely or in perpetuity. In the event that MIHS MyChart access is deactivated, MIHS patients may access their MIHS medical records through the MIHS Health Information Management department. The information displayed in MIHS MyChart may not be the User’s complete medical record. MIHS MyChart also provides a secure, convenient communications avenue with MIHS for non-emergency messages such as prescription renewals and direct appointment scheduling. Use of MIHS MyChart is optional.


MIHS MyChart should never be used for urgent matters. The medical or health care information provided on MIHS MyChart is not a replacement for proper medical attention. Therefore, the MIHS MyChart messaging service should not be used for urgent messages for MIHS and/or your health care provider. If you believe you are suffering from urgent medical issues, contact MIHS or your physician by telephone and/or 911 services immediately, and/or go to the Emergency Department of a local hospital.

Response to Electronic Communication – MIHS will make its best effort to provide a timely response to electronic inquiries. In some cases, the clinic staff that needs to respond to an electronic inquiry or other communication may not be immediately available so a patient should allow at least three (3) business days for a response. Accordingly, emergency situations requiring immediate attention should not be submitted electronically.

Furthermore, with respect to any electronic communications sent by the patient, we are only able to respond to such communications based on the information provided by the patient. If there is insufficient information provided, we will be unable to provide accurate and reliable services.

Appropriate Use – Access to MIHS MyChart is granted to users for the purpose of furthering their medical care. Use of MIHS MyChart unrelated to this purpose may result in the suspension or termination of access privileges. Other improper activities that may result in termination of MIHS MyChart access include, but are not limited to, the use of inappropriate, threatening, harmful, abusive, defamatory, vulgar, obscene or abusive language, improper sharing of User’s assigned User ID or Password, reserving appointment times that are not needed or are frequently cancelled and other activities that are deemed, at the sole discretion of MIHS, to cause a disruption of MIHS operations. MIHS reserves the right to revoke User access at any time for any reason. Please see the Account Deactivation section below for more details.

Requesting an Account – You may register for your MIHS MyChart account online. All request for an account must be made to your provider.

Web Site Links – MIHS MyChart may offer links to related medical Web sites not managed by MIHS. These Web site link(s) are for a patient’s informational purposes only. MIHS does not endorse and has not verified the accuracy of the information in/on these Web sites, and the patient should not rely on any of the information found on the Web sites for purposes of treatment or diagnosis.

Minor Eligibility - An individual must be age 18 or older to request a personal account. Parents or guardians of minor children may request access to the minor child's account by following the terms outlined in the "Proxy Access" section of this Terms and Conditions of Use statement. Minor children between the ages of 12 and 17 (inclusive) will not be eligible to participate in MIHS MyChart services. Under State and Federal law, there are certain types of medical information that the parent or guardian of a minor patient age 12 or older may not view without consent of the minor patient. Because of these requirements, we cannot offer MIHS MyChart service to parents of minor patients in this age category. Thus, when a minor patient reaches age 12, proxy access is revoked.

Proxy Access – A parent or guardian of a minor child up to the child’s 12th birthday or individuals age 18 or older may request proxy access to another individual’s MIHS MyChart account by completing the appropriate Proxy Access consent form and submitting it to MIHS. Proxy access to MIHS MyChart will be granted only to parties with parental rights or legal guardianship of the individual or who have a Durable Health Care Power of Attorney and only to the extent that the party requesting proxy access can demonstrate the legal right to account holder’s medical information. Only one person will be granted proxy access to an individual’s account. A MIHS MyChart account will be activated for both the proxy and the account holder. If the proxy’s legal relationship with the account holder changes, the proxy must inform the clinic immediately by calling MIHS Health Information Department at (602) 344-5221 or by sending written notice to MIHS, Attention: MIHS Health Information Management Department/MyChart Proxy. MIHS reserves the right to revoke proxy access at any time for any reason.

E-mail Privacy – Patients who are users of MIHS MyChart should be aware that they will be notified via e-mail when there are new results or new messages to be viewed on MIHS MyChart. This means that any person with access to a patient’s e-mail will be able to see this notification. This could include the patient’s spouse, employer or anyone else that can access a patient’s e-mail account. Although no private medical information will be sent, the notification that new results or new messages are available by accessing MIHS MyChart may be information that a patient would not want others to know. Thus, patients should take this into account when providing an e-mail address or designating a proxy.

Please know that if you send MIHS an e-mail communication, it may be shared with the MIHS staff that assists the physician or provider in providing the patient’s medical care. A patient’s confidential medical information on MIHS MyChart will be accessible only to appropriate clinical staff.

Security and Confidentiality – MIHS treats medical information stored on MIHS MyChart with the same degree of confidentiality as is given to medical information stored by MIHS in any other medium. MIHS is committed to protecting the confidentiality of your medical information. We limit MIHS employee access to your medical records and employee ability to enter or view information based upon their role in your care. Firewalls, passwords, encryption, and audit trails are used to safeguard your confidential information. MIHS shall identify the records released and note the time and date of access each time a patient or their proxy accesses MIHS MyChart. We have taken steps to make all information received from our online visitors as secure as possible against unauthorized access and use.

You can tell when you are secure by looking at the location (URL) field. If the URL begins with https:// (instead of http://), the document comes from a secure server. This means your data cannot be read or deciphered by unauthorized individuals. You verify that your connection to MIHS is secure by validating the digital certificate. This can be done in Internet Explorer by clicking on the lock icon in your web browser and verifying that the certificate was issued from Thawte Premium Server CA to and has a fingerprint of 22 ca 24 af c2 df 4e 5a 60 78 85 ca 40 f7 ef 44 8a 8d 1f ee. If you are using a browser other than Internet Explorer please refer to that web browsers documentation for more information on how it handles digital certificates.

User names and passwords provide two layers of authentication and are stored in an encrypted database that is isolated from the Internet. As a MIHS MyChart user, your role in maintaining the security of your medical information is: 1) Changing your password on a regular basis, and 2) Keeping your login ID and password confidential.

Account Deactivation - MIHS reserves the right to deactivate access to MIHS MyChart for any reason at its sole and absolute discretion. Specifically, MIHS MyChart will be deactivated at the sole discretion of MIHS for the following list of reasons. The list does not include every possible reason to deactivate an account and each circumstance will be evaluated individually. In the event User’s MIHS MyChart is deactivated, User may still obtain access to User’s medical records by contacting MIHS Health Information Management department.

  1. No longer a patient for that practice/physician
  2. Automatic system deactivation will occur for a parent or guardian to view a child’s record when the child reaches age 12.
  3. Automatic system deactivation will occur after a number of failed login attempts to access the MyChart system
  4. Inappropriate use of messaging or scheduling, such as excessive, unnecessary, inappropriate content, abusive, threatening or inappropriate language.
  5. Harassing behavior.
  6. Improper sharing of User’s login ID and Password.
  7. Abuse of proxy access
  8. Pending legal issues with patient or patient’s family
  9. Inability to use the MIHS MyChart system without constant assistance.
  10. Violation of this Terms and Conditions of Use Agreement.

User’s Acknowledgement of Terms and Conditions of Use and Agreement

By clicking the “I Agree” button at the bottom of this agreement, I affirm that I am requesting access to portions of my health information and the ability to communicate with MIHS care team concerning my health information via the Internet using an electronic application called MIHS MyChart.

I understand and agree that MIHS MyChart should never be used for urgent matters. Therefore, for all urgent matters that I believe may immediately affect my health or well-being, I will, without delay, contact MIHS or my physician by telephone or 911 services immediately, and/or go to the Emergency Department of a local hospital.

I understand that it is extremely important that I keep the login name and Password that I use to access MIHS MyChart completely confidential. If at any time I believe that the confidentiality of my password has been compromised I will change it by logging in, going to My Account, and choosing Change Password. I understand that MIHS is not responsible for and disclaims any and all liability or consequential damages arising from a breach of medical record confidentiality resulting from my sharing my password, losing my password, or the theft of my password.

I understand that MIHS MyChart may not be available to me all of the time due to system failures, back-up procedures, maintenance, or other causes beyond the control of MIHS. Access is provided on an “As-is, as-available” basis and MIHS does not guarantee that I will be able to access MIHS MyChart at any particular time.

I understand that MIHS provides no guarantees that access to MIHS MyChart will continue indefinitely or in perpetuity. In the event that MIHS MyChart access is deactivated, MIHS patients may access their MIHS medical records through the MIHS Health Information Management department.


During times when MIHS MyChart is unavailable, or in emergency situations, other communications, such as telephone, should be used to contact MIHS and/or my physician.

I understand that MIHS MyChart is not a diagnostic tool. MIHS MyChart is not a substitute for direct interaction with my physician/provider.

This agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Arizona and all disputes arising hereunder must be adjudicated in the State or Federal courts located in Maricopa County, Arizona. I acknowledge that I have read and understand and agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use Agreement.